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to beckley, west virginia. you see the president of the united states there. he's at this memorial service. also west virginia governor joe manchin there. a number of other dignitaries. what's happening right now there in beckley is family members of the 29 victims of this month's coal mine explosion are filing in. you see the white crosses there just in the backdrop. what we understand will happen is a number of the family members, one representative of each of the 29 families, will actually have a helmet and place the helmet on each of the 29 crosses that represent the 29 men who were killed in that underground explosion. we also understand maybe roughly about 15 minutes after the hour, president obama will deliver the eulogy. we understand it might be about ten minutes long. of course, he'll talk about the collective grief that people are feeling as a result of this explosion and the lives lost, and he will also try to offer some assurances that some measures of safety will be put into place for future coal miners and other communities that have such great investments in the coal mining
, maryland. northern jefferson county in west virginia, and southern berkley county in west virginia. take you to the live radar here, show you where we're talking about on the storms. notice in the upper right-hand corner of your screen here we're zooming in to the panhandle of west virginia. this is the cell that we're watching very, very carefully right in here. right here just up to the north sides of charles town, west virginia, when i put this little circle on here where you can see the red touching the green, that's where red winds are going towards and away touching one another. as a result this is the area right in here, just to the north of charles town, west virginia, where there is a potential radar-indicated tornado on the ground at this point in time. this storm is traveling to the northeast at 40 miles per hour. so i'll put a storm track on it for you here so you can sort of see the towns that are in the line of fire, as you were. as we go up to the northeast, at about 40 miles per hour, we're going to be able to see that this storm is headed up into washington county, south
strong they need to be, in fact, to survive. mining is away of life in west virginia. and we deeply cherish that. those of us who live here. and we honor that profession. and people say, well, why do they go into those coal mines? they go into those coal mines to provide for their families, and in the process, they keep the lights on in america. [ applause ] but for the families, that means waiting each day, every day, for the sound of your loved one's footsteps on the front porch. it means waiting anxiously to hear that they have returned safely. every day. and the 29 families who one day never heard those footsteps knew what that terrible silence meant. it is almost too much to bear. so we ask why. why does this happen yet again? as the governor said, we will find out. we will learn exactly what happened. we will get answers. and we will pass legislation to meet the requirements of those answers. and we will do it for you, the miners, of west virginia and america. [ applause ] in closing, i should note that west virginia, all of west virginia, is in pain. and not without some ange
] >>> president of the united states and long with the vice president at beckley, west virginia for the mine there's died on april 5th, wendall is standing by live. tell us what is happening there. >> gregg, moving pictures of the family members placing the helmets atop those 29 crosses in front of the stage. we're told the president and vice president met individually and privately with each of the 29 families before the service to offer condolences and assure them the country shares their grief. it was those meetings that delayed the start of this memorial service. president has said the april 5th disaster at the upper big branch mine was first and foremost a failure of management. they have been cited for 500 safety violations last year alone. 125 this year already. the president said the disaster was also a failure of oversight and the law is riddled with loopholes. it's you'll won't dwell on safety. instead he'll celebrate the lives. miners that died, identifying each by name. they died pursuing the american dream and what the country owes them is to create safer conditions in the mines. to t
of concern for us. another area of storms is moving out of virginia into western maryland near frederick county. that want thunderstorm cell gave indications there might be a tornado in the cloud. a tornado warning is in effect for parts of western frederick county and parts of washington county for the next 20 minutes or so. let me show you where the warnings and watches are in effect. there's a watch for thunderstorms over the entire area. the tornado watch is in red. we will talk more about the forecast for this evening in the week ahead coming up. >>> the same system responsible for our bad weather caused havoc down south after tornadoes yesterday. this is all that is left of the church in choctaw, mississippi. huge trees were uprooted. many fell on homes and other buildings. one man describes how he and his girlfriend barely escaped. >> the bricks and debris were flying. i was watching it all. i was trying to hold her down. i told them i could not feel my legs. everything was on top of me. >> according to the national weather service, the super cell produced at least two tornadoes.
in west virginia to eulogize the miners that perished. hello, i'm patti ann brown. >> i'm eric sean. >> vice president and state officials will be joining him to remember and honor those that died. the president is meeting privately with the mine's victim's family. president is expected to pay tribute by saying the miners died in pursuit of the american dream. we'll bring you the service as it begins in half an hour from now. >>> rescuers in western mississippi are scouring neighborhoods of splintered homes and uprooted trees looking for tornado survivors. yesterday a devastating twister sliced through the state killing ten people including two children and a three-month-old baby. 100 homes in yazoo county are severely damaged. mississippi governor haley barbour described it as utter obliteration and the tornado as enormous. yazoo city was hit the hardest where chris is right now. >> reporter: i want to explain to our viewers, here we are 24 hours after the twister touched down and they are still combing the area looking for victims. that is because there are parts of this state tha
service for coal miners killed in west virginia. the president promises safer working conditions in the future. and leaving their mark, what the scribbles left by young g.i.s on troop ships reveal about the vietnam war. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. the cleanup and search for survivors continues tonight in the south. yesterday's string of tornadoes cut path of destruction from louisiana to georgia. hardest hit, yazoo city, mississippi, where at least ten were killed and 21 were taken to the hospital. tonight authorities believe the damage there was caused by one tornado. don teague is in yazoo city with the latest. don, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. national guard troops and state police are patrolling the streets of yazoo city tonight as residents here begin the process of cleaning up after a path of destruction that crosses the entire state. the day after a deadly tornado tore across yazoo city, mississippi, there are parts of this town that, like the roof of francine cox's house, are simply gone. >> i don'
't get reports of a tornado. we were showing signs of rotation as it crossed from west virginia into washington county in maryland. this big hail core is headed towards fredrick right now, right on route 15and east, northeast at about 30, 40 miles per hour. we have severe thunderstorm and thunderstorm warnings that continue back in virginia and back to winchester and berryville. but that particular storm had shown supercell characteristics. individual thunderstorms that can take their own weather. and, again, just severe thunderstorm warnings right now until 7:00 for washington fredrick counties in maryland, northern part of louden until 7:00. let's go back to the weather computer and show you where we have the slight risks of severe weather from the storm prediction center and. i want to highlight that they have put there's a 5% chance of rotation showing up in the storms. and this is something i was concerned with last night, saying we had a chance of an isolated tornado. there's the watch box until 7 :00, mainly for fredrick, you are right under the gun. you will probably see
this afternoon for the 29 men killed in the west virginia coal mine explosion earlier this month. chief among the mourners was president obama. our chief white house correspondent chief reed is in beckley, west virginia, tonight. >> 29 crosses for the 29 lives lost in the upper big branch mine in the tradition of mining country, a helmet carefully placed on each by members of the family. ♪ >> reporter: president obama and vice president biden came to beckley, west virginia to, offer words of comfort for the families and praise for the victims of the deadliest u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. >> all this hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. >> reporter: a preliminary federal report says the cause of the explosion was probably a build-up of methane gas or coal dust or both. the report criticized massey energy company for its long history of safety violations at the mine. massey says there will be accountability if there was improper conduct. the president says miners deserve to be treated the way they treat each other, like family. >> we
survived. kerry sanders tonight, thank you. >>> president obama was in west virginia today, carrying out one of the toughest duties any president has, serving as comforter in chief for the grieving. in this case, the loved ones of those 29 coal miners lost in a mining disaster just three weeks ago. nbc's mike viqueira reports tonight from beckley, west virginia. >> nothing i or the vice president or the governor, none of the speakers here today, nothing we say can fill the hole they leave in your hearts. or the absence that they leave in your lives. >> reporter: it's been three weeks since the worst mine disaster in 40 years. 29 west virginia miners lost at the upper big branch. today, after the catastrophe and the controversy, a time to mourn. >> these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: friends, family, and fellow miners gathered in beckley, the heart of coal country, where they heard president obama pledge the lives lost at the mine would not be in vain. >> our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. to do what
that it has not yet reached. >>> president barack obama travel to west virginia today to pay tribute to the men killed in the mind tragedy. the president told the families of the miners who died that the nation will honor their memories by improving mine safety. >> mr. obama and vice president biden traveled to west virginia to honor those killed in the explosion. they met with the families of those whose lives have been changed forever. they vowed that changes will be made. with president barack obama looking on, the families of the 29 collin miners -- fallen miners stepped forward. >> we have been morning with you throughout these difficult days. >> mr. obama says he will now do whatever he needs to to make sure something like this never happens again. >> we will do what we have to do it to make sure that there are safe conditions underground. [applause] >> the april this explosion is considered the worst mining disaster in a generation. the deceased miners were discovered deep underground. the year -- federal regulators believe the explosion was caused by a buildup of methane gas
, out of west virginia. this is where a memorial service will be taking place this hour for the 29 people killed in this month's coal mine explosion. the worst u.s. mine disaster in 40 years. president barack obama is delivering the eulogy. he will be momentarily. we will be joining that jeweulo as it happens roughly about 30 minutes from now and bring that to you live. obviously, the president will also be meeting with family members of those miners who were killed in that explosion. >>> the other major story we're following for you, this hour tornado devastation in the south. mississippi's governor calls it utter obliteration in some places including his hometown. alabama was also hit hard and fast. >> talked to my dad on the phone. he said, son, they say it's coming right downtown. just as he said that, it lightened off in the distance and i could see the wall cloud and see the funnel cloud drop down. i said, dad, it's not -- it is coming through downtown. >> here's what's happening right now as a result of that severe weather. rescue crews are out in force across mississippi af
of the miners in west virginia. >>> i'm jamie colby, the news continues with the latest from washington. have a good week. >>> a deadly twister sweeps through the deep south killing at least ten people. right now, rescue workers are coking through neighborhoods in mississippi looking for more victims. we'll go there live next. >>> and the media talking about goldman sachs making serious investments while the rest of the country was seeing jobs and their savings disappear. and a key pundit that is setting the republican talking points these days, is tea party a problem? live from the capital, the news starts right now. >>> utter obliteration, how the governor of mississippi is describing a deadly torn that i had that tore through his home city, yazoo, mississippi yesterday. it tore through 100 homes killing 13 people. >> we're told this could have been aef-4, and that means sustained winds topping 200 miles per hour. the national weather service has not confirmed that but crews are on the way to look at the damage like that behind me. this is what is left of hillcrest baptist church and walk,
across far south western virginia lifting in our direction. you can get the sense there's another big block down here in southwestern virginia that is rain free. that's our late morning, early afternoon time frame around here. as a result, we'll have many more dry hours coming up for late this morning into early this afternoon. but with the warm front lifting in our direction, we'll get into the warm sector, the more unstable part of the atmosphere is. that will bring up a chance for some showers and thunderstorms coming up later on today. even a slight risk again for today of severe weather from the washington area down into parts of the eastern carolinas. there's our future cast model. the main area of low pressure is still a long ways from coming through our area. as a result, thunderstorm chances around for late this afternoon and this evening and another opportunity for a rumble or two coming up during the day on monday for today, showers around first thing this morning. might get a break or two of sunshine around noontime before the showers and possibility of thunderstorms cook
muslim home-school families in northern virginia. >> reporter: in the heart of mainstream america, a cub scout derby where each of the home- designed cars is carefully weighed and measured before roaring off at breakneck speed. here, enterprise, ingenuity and patience are justly rewarded. >> my favorite part was when i got in first. >> reporter: it's a mainstream event passionately embraced not only by the jaka brothers but also by nine-year-old bilal khan, whose education and upbringing is anything but mainstream. in his loudoun county, virginia, home, bilal is being taught math by his mother zakia. >> so five is closer to seven, or ten is closer to seven? >> reporter: in another home nearby, priscilla martinez is teaching her six children, ages two to 12, about condensation. >> we're going to learn about clouds, evaporation, condensation and precipitation. >> reporter: they are part of a growing movement-- no one knows the exact number-- of muslims who home-school their children because they want them to get a more holistic education than a public school can provide. >> what we are try
. >> it was a brilliant compromise crafted by tom davis, a former congressman from virginia, which is that americans are fighting for democracy and freedom in baghdad and kabul, capitals where they can vote for their leaders, and americans cannot, and more americans from d.c. have died in those wars and korea and vietnam and world war ii than in seven other states which do have voting rights. >> there is a logical solution, which is, remember, d.c. used to be twice as big as it is. the virginia side was returned and became part of a virginia pit all those who live in that area have at the vote, members of congress and the senate. you have the district be in maryland and have a vote for senator and members of the house. it is the obvious answer and one that nobody will accept. >> last word. see you next week. announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. vis
.c. this is washington county, frederick county and maryland. also jefferson and burkely counties and west virginia. there you can see the purple box here. you see a nice little hook echo or indentation. this is a doppler radar-indicated tornado. but you need to take this seriously and seek shelter. there is a severe thunderstorm watch. sometimes even though it's a thunderstorm watch and not a tornado watch, sometimes tornado do occur. now, it is a tornado watch across parts of florida. at this hour we saw one line move through earlier today that produced a little tree damage and some hail in gainesville. that second is coming off the gulf of mexico. we could possibly see this sneak a little further to the south. watch out in the tampa area. you will likely see winds in excess of 60 miles with this storm and possible tornadoes. if we get any warnings, we will bring it along to you. the greatest threat of severe weather stretch as cross the eastern seaboard from pennsylvania stretching down into parts of florida. this is a slight risk day. we are not expecting near the number of or severity that we
memorial in west virginia. details straight ahead. i'm harris falkner in tonight for julie banderas, this is fox report. mississippi's governor calls it a scene of utter obliteration. >> it's destroying my home, it destroyed my home. >> buildings, churches, entire neighborhoods torn to pieces, after a powerful twister slams the region. but people in mississippi were not the only victims of nature's wrath. >> i looked and the rain just swirling side ways, you know? and big clump of leaves and stuff started falling. >> and crying because we built the house and you know, and all the trees we put in, you know, it's hard to see it all destroyed. >> tonight, everywhere else strong tornados struck and a live update from one of the hardest hit areas. >> plus, hundreds gathering in west virginia. remembering the workers killed in one of the nation's worst mining disasters in decades. >> we cannot bring back 29 men we lost. they're with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. >> first, breaking news, officials say a man tried to impersona
george's county. 59 in springfield, virginia, 61 in quantico. there's a check of live doppler. no rain just yet. a cans for more showers maybe even a rumble or two of thunder later this afternoon. if you're headed out to nationals ballpark, the nationals and dodgers' first pitch 1:35 this afternoon. it will be a mild day at ballpark. have your ponchos ready to go just in case. i think they'll be able to get the game in though. >> more than three dozen. twisters ripped through the south on saturday. in yazoo city, mississippi, power full winds leveled many homes and businesses and nbc's jay gray reports from there. >> i'm in a tornado right now. >> the skies turned black and filled with driving rain, followed by a massive funnel cloud. just one of more than three dozen twisters that ripped across the southeast saturday. >> we're all right. we're all right. >> but much of mississippi is not. at least 16 counties were ravaged by the storm, some of the most severe damage in yazoo city about 40 miles north of jackson. >> the worst thing i ever saw in my life. it's devastating. >> homes, bus
needed help. >>> president obama traveled to west virginia to offer support for the families of april 5th mine disaster. no one can bring the 25 miners back, the president said but the administration will work to make sure no one else dies from a miners accident. >>> senator bob mcculskie said it was important for the mourners to remember the plane crash. the president was there to pay tribute to thousands of troops who died in a massacre nearly 80 years ago. >>> tim williams reports, rain did not stop the roar of volunteers. >> reporter: despite gray skies and rain, the weather was no match for the cause. >> i'm glad some of the people came. and it's a lot of fun. the weather is nice. >> reporter: more than a thousand family members and friends came to roar for autism. >> maybe, just maybe soon we'll understand what causes autism. >> reporter: it's the sixth annual event and every year it's held at oregon park. it's a day to play, hike, or ride a bike. >> enjoy your family while you are raising awareness and support for autism. >> and we are directly raising dollars that support autism r
near the mason-dixon line and back to the south again and to areas of central virginia and maryland, talking thunderstorms as way move through tomorrow and future cast shows us as we move into tonight, the rain is widespread and into the early morning hours, everything is to the north of us and we see activity into the 4:00 hour and in the afternoon and to the north and we fill in again 32 into later evening hours. we're going to hope it holds off and anything could change and lingering into monday and tuesday and showers are widespread and possibly scattered thunderstorms in the overnight hours and tomorrow, talking showers and thunderstorms and we have a slight risk of seeing the storms become severe, 73 degrees is the daytime high and your five-day forecast, showing you unsettled into tuesday and dry out with sunshine and temperatures start to rise again and by the time we hit the end of the week, we're back to bright skies for wednesday and plenty of sunshine by thursday and i'll have more in the morning. >>> and did you see it? the giant key lime by pie? it's part of the indepe
mexico center cook and west virginia tackle capers. >> the last three days, we got better as a football team and you will get to meet them in the upcoming weekend. we think we have added to the depth of the football team and the quality. >> at the end of the day, even though we didn't have a lot of draft choices, we thought we had got a lot done through free agency and the draft and a couple of trades here and there. >> it's breaktime and when we come back, why the caps coach is so fired up. plus, the nationals and dodgers need extra innings to settle their score. geico sports extra will be right back. r >> the nationals are off to a good start this season. at 9-8 to start the day, the 10th win was within reach. last season, it doesn't come until 28 games into the season and they hosted the dodgers today. bottom of the 8th, the nationals trailing 3-2 and morgan with two outs, delivering the clutch base hit and adam kennedy scored from third and tied the game 3-3 and now we move to the top of the 13th and still tied. martin with two outs and with the base hit to center
us over. i'm virginia cha, hln news and views. let's get to our top story now. rescuers are fanning out across mississippi looking through shattered homes for survivors. at least one tornado ripped through the state. ten people are dead and three of them are children. yazoo county and the central part of the state took the hardest hit to. the east choctaw county also got smashed. meteorologists don't know if the same tornado cut one long arc of destruction or if it was multiple twisters causing this damage a. survivors are just saying they're happy to be alive. >> it was unbelievable. when the wind was exploded it was like anything i never experienced. it was amazing. it scared us plum to death. i'm very fortunate. i have four beautiful children. i couldn't imagine being without them. as tragic as it is, we lost family members and our hearts go out to them. we're lucky to be here. you don't realize how lucky you do have it until something like this happens. >> tornadoes were reported in four states from arkansas east to alabama. >>> the environmental fallout from the massive oil rig
to go live to west virginia. president barack obama is scheduled to speak at a memorial service for the 29 call miners who died in an explosion earlier this month. we also expect some remarks from a vice president biden and the governor of west virginia. this is live coverage on c-span. >> please be seated. jason matthew atkins. [no audio] jason matthew adkins. [applause] carl "pee-wee" acorn [applause] james eddie moony [applause] joshua scott naper [applause] >> jimmy davis. [applause] >> benny r. willingham. [applause] >> gregory stephen baracbrock. [applause] >> corey thomas davis. [applause] >> stephen j. "smiling" harrah. [applause] >> nicholas mccrosky. [applause] >> christopher li bellee bell, . [applause] >> joe r. "jody" price. [applause] deward allen scott. [applause] >> grover dale sceend. [applause] >> william "griff" griffith. [applause] >> mike lee "cuz" elswick. [applause] >> howard daniels "boon" dane, kr. -- jr. [applause] >> gary wayne quarrels. [applause] >> william roosevelt lynch. [applause] >> ricky workmean. [applause] >> richard "rick" keith lang. [appl
the biggest threat around florida. we could see large hail around pittsburgh, west virginia, areas of virginia itself when the cold front sweeps on through. now, as far as right now, tallahassee was hit pretty hard with some gusty winds and heavy rain and lightning this morning. now that is beginning to head out, valdosta has some pretty bad storms and further to the north up around is a vsavannah. this was a well predicted storm, we thought we'd have these large, destructive tornadoes. won't be the case today. but unfortunately sometimes the forecast did come true. >> unfortunately you had it pinpointed for yesterday. thank you very much, bill karins. >>> more live reports on the tornados that hit the southeast coming up later this hour. for the latest forecast and the weather where you are, you can head to >>> coast guard officials in louisiana now say oil is leaking into the gulfs as a result of the massive rig that exploded last week. the well head on the ocean floor is releasing as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day into the water. british petroleum is investigating how to
an wjz's eyewitness news, more mine major just after the explosion killed 29 minorrers in west virginia. another accident miles away. and rock star brett michaels in critical condition. plus a man strikes it rich when a chain machine malfunctions. what did he do with the money? and : >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. this is the beginning of the storm. we'll have the complete forecast when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> weeks after a west virginia coal mining accident explosion kills dozens, another mine accident leaves one worker dead. this time 28-year-old john king died after getting trapped between a rock -- between a block of coal and a piece of equipment yesterday. the accident took place miles away from the april 5 explosion that killed 29 miners. that was the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. >>> airline passengers with tickets to and from europe are being asked to give up their seats to people stranded from the volcano. virgin is one making a request. the airlines are expected to lose more than $2 billion. the majority of europe is free of volcanic
virginia. that is coming your way so you'll be getting the rain showers during the overnight hours tonight and we'll probably start out with a fairly wet stretch first thing tomorrow and then i think we'll end up with fairly quite a number of dry hours tomorrow mid to late morning to midafternoon tomorrow before the daytime heating starts to do its thing and that'll cook up the showers with a risk of thunderstorm or two tomorrow as well. the main area of low pressure that's causing this whole mess is still sitting across northern missouri. it's a very slow mover, as it inches its way across the northern parts of the ohio valley. the warm front's going to come through here overnight tonight with that batch of rain. you'll notice the change tomorrow. today we stayed in the low to mid 60s in the clouds tomorrow. we'll break out that sunshine from time to time. we'll have temperatures tomorrow well up into the mid 70s and the reason for the thorpes because all of that extra instability that's coming in. big risk of severe weather late tonight, way down to our south, but for tomorrow that sligh
of the stories we're working on for you today. thank you so much for having us over. i'm virginia cha. this is hln news and views. let's get to our top story now. rescuers are fanning out across mississippi, looking through shattered homes for survivors as well as victims of the deadly weekend storms. at least one tornado ripped through that state. ten people are dead, and three of them are children. yaz hsu county in the west central part of the state took the hardest hit. to the east, choctaw county also got smashed. meteorologists don't know if the same tornado cut one long arc of destruction, or if it was multiple twisters causing this damage. survivors say they are just happy to be alive. >> it was unbelievable. it just a -- when the windows exploded, it was like anything i've never experienced. it was just amazing. it scares the daylights. i'm very fortunate. i've got four beautiful children, and i couldn't imagine being without them. as tragic as everything is, we've lost kin folks and family in this incident today. we've lost family members, and our heart goss out to them, bec
carolina, ohio, tennessee, southwestern virginia, illinois, alabama and the western florida panhandle and reported activity with golf bail size hail in mississippi as well as into missouri. so you can just get that as a little bit of a feel for the potency for the storms and what has been going on with them. a lot of damage, power outages, as i mentioned. a lot of building damage as well in all of these areas. so a lot of reports that have to come through. as we take a look at true view, let's bring it closer to home. here is where we're seeing rain showers scattered throughout the area and we're expecting to see a little break in the action as we move into the morning hours, but late this afternoon things will change. let's take a look at my weather map. we are under a slight risk of severe weather today for our entire area. this stretches north of d.c. all the way to florida and we could see some pretty strong storms picking up this afternoon. we anticipate getting a little bit of a break in between the showers we're seeing this morning which could mean some sunshine which is only g
as southwestern virginia is concerned and the national weather service said early reports, wind gusts were from 70 to 80 miles an hour and there is flash flooding. a lot of buildings destroyed and they're saying there were several tornados, not just one in the area in mississippi. the national weather service is out there first thing tomorrow to survey the damage and at that point, they will determine what it was and the strength of those tornados as well. bringing it here at home, let's look at true view. we have widespread rainfall moving in across our area. if you look to the west, that is the leading edge of the storm system and by tomorrow, we are going to be under a slight risk of seeing severe weather and we're going have to stay on top of this. we're talking storms in the morning hours and by the afternoon, that is when we have a chance of severe storms in our neighborhood and we'll bring you another update on what to expect coming up later on. back to you. >> and we'll see you then. of course, we're not finished with the story and you can can stay on top of the latest developments any tim
for the 29 west virginia miners killed earlier this month. my colleague, nbc's athena jones, is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. in just a few hours the president will leave north carolina headed to west virginia. as soon as he gets there, he and vice president biden will be having a private meeting with the families of miners. this is before the 3:30 service this afternoon. the president and the vice president and west virginia's governor and first lady will all be speaking at that service. now, earlier this month, a few days after the explosion of the mine, the president called for a full investigation into the incident at upper big branch mine run by massey energy. it's the worst mining disaster in the united states in 40 years. and we expect the president during his eulogy to touch on mine safety issues. he'll talk about all the e-mails he'll tahat have poured e-mails into the white house since the explosion, many from miners postmarked from all around the region, talking about how miners are important for america's economy, saying america'
spent the afternoon in west virginia at a memorial for the 29 men killed in the mine explosion there. the president watched as family members placed hard hats on crosses in memory of the victims. investigators still haven't been able to get into the mine in mont coal to find identity exactly what happened. >>> a robber target it had the wrong person. his chosen victim was a police officer. he was off duty when he was held up on old silver hill road in suitland. he fired at the suspect but did not hit him. the robber got away with the money. >>> a fun ride turns wild and dangerous for two kids at a carnival. wait until you hear what happened at this ride that left them dangling in midair. >>> a firestorm tonight over a new law that lets police officers in one state ask if you are a legal immigrant or not. stay right where you are. we are coming right back. fors force  >>> take a look at this huge fire in the philippines. it destroyed what's left of ashanti town leaving thousands of people homeless. it took 200 fire trucks to put out the fire that burned about 300
decided who will be the next mayor of the city. >>> leesburg, virginia, a rash of car break ins this weekend. majority of cars were left unlocked and parked close to their homes. the neighborhood well lit. the thieves went on a small crime spree. surae chinn has more. >> that's a heck of a lot of cars. >> reporter: bill blair takes prize of his chrysler. >> this is my car. i take good care of it. i don't want people going through it. >> reporter: he says even though the crooks got his cell phone he says it is not right. >> it is sad because you park your car in front of your house, they tell you to put lights on. you can see you have a light there. you've got a light across the street. and spend this much time breaking into that car. one across the street. another one here. a truck here. a couple in the parking lot. and two or three down that street. you are here for 20 minutes, a half hour. >> reporter: the break ins happened in the surrounding area which, by the way, is right next to the sheriff's department. >> do you usually lock your doors? >> 99% of the time. >> now. >> yo
starting to move in towards west virginia. that's what we're going to experience overnight tonight is heavier rain showers. zooming out towards the west, you can see a couple of strong line of thunderstorms and tornado watches have been reported with this line of showers and storms. that will be pressing in our direction, but first we're going to be dealing with the heavy rain showers overnight. all associated with a big system that is firing up with these showers and storms. the warm front is going to stall out along the mason-dixon line. waking up tomorrow, those heavy rain showers or maybe a thunderstorm -- 51 degrees and 67 with thunderstorms in our area. will they linger for the first part of the work week? all the details in a few minutes. >>> remember. you can personalize your own forecast with iradar available at use the interactive tools to track these coming storms to your street. go to >>> did police go too far? the fiance of a man who was shot by officers earlier this week say the shooting was uncalled for and she's fi
president obama will attend a memorial service and deliver the eulogy for the 29 west virginia miners killed earlier this month. nbc's athena jones is at the white house for us this sunday morning. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning, alex. the president arrived in beckley, west virginia, later this afternoon. as soon as he gets there, he and vice president biden will be having a private meeting with the families of some of the miners. this is before the service begins at 3:30 p.m. the president, the vice president, as well as the governor and first lady of west virginia, are all going to be speaking at that service. now the white house has called for a full investigation into the incident at the big branch mine. it's the worst u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. and we expect the president's eulogy to touch a little bit on mine safety issues. he's not going to delve deep into policy proposals because this is really about celebrating the lives of those lost and offering his deep condolences to the families and to the community. but he is going to talk about the letters and e-mails
to virginia. michael, good morning. a republican. >> caller: yes, how are you this morning? >> host: doing fine. go ahead with your comment. >> caller: hey, i'm very grateful for all this young man is saying. let me say this, i worked on the maybe campaign and i was over seven counties in west virginia, okay? and i understand where you're coming from about, you know, mccain not being a conservative and the ground game and everything. but we also need to place some blame on young people or whoever was working in the field that didn't take their own initiative. i had -- i started an internship and had 27 interns from james madison university. no one told me to do that. i did that on my own accord. and so, therefore, you have to -- the ground game has to be creative. and do their own thing. and know how to bring people in. so you can't totally blame it on maybe. i think a lot of it has to do with the people on the ground that you got working for you and how professional they are. >> guest: well, a lot has to be pinned on mccain. i mean, his ground game has the -- should have the resources. ob
've got a watch here across parts of maryland, west virginia and virginia, it includes you into washington, d.c., and we're monitoring this area through the carolinas for the potential of severe thunderstorms popping up over the next couple of hours. we'll start out by showing you the radar kind of close in, into just to the northwest of d.c., where these thunderstorms are becoming very intense, and there you can see some severe, damaging fwhinds winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. a thunderstorm watch included tampa, st. pete, extending near ft. myers and the palm bay area. we've been watching this intense line. we had two waves that moved through earlier today, one that moved through gainesville causing some tree damage and power lines down and also getting word north of tampa there are some power lines down here as well. this is a very intense line of storms and we could see winds in excess of 70 miles per hour and that in and of itself can cause serious damage. if you get the severe thunderstorm warning you need to take it seriously and stay indoors until that's thank storm passes. t
rodriguez last west virginia for michigan. [applause] the love motorcycles and a practice random acts of kindness. they had their given names, but as we learned today they answer to others. some had been mining for decades. some for months. one was planning a wedding one was planning for retirement. as individuals, these men were strong proud they were providers. they represent what i think is the heart and soul and spine of this nation. and ladies and gentlemen, a nation mourns them. to every member of every family that has been touched by this tragedy i can say that i know what it is like to lose a spouse and child, and i also know when the tributes are done and the flags are once again flying at full staff, once the miners you see today go back to work, that is when it will be hardest for you all. when life has moved on around us and has yet to stir within you, that is when you're going to need one another for the lucky ones, like its to go one but as a community and a nation we would compound tragedy if we let the whites go one unchanged. certainly no one should have to sacrifice
terrence austin played for ucla. offensive tackle selish capers from west virginia. here's bruce allen. >> it's still a work in progress. we have a lot of work to do hopefully tonight we have a feel of the undrafted agents and then we look forward to the off season program and the upcoming mini camp to once again get our players better. >> the nationals continue to battle with the dodgers today. the start in the bottom of the eighth inning with niger morgan signaling to left. kennedy comes into score. we're tied. this game would be closed out for l.a. russell martin swinging and that would be a game-winning r.b.i. and the dodgers win. >> a big part of that will be finding a way to get similar mon on track. similar mon has been invisible. and the coach says they need production from him and they need it now. >> let's move on. let's talk about tim who was busy at our alma mater. he was at the university of maryland. almost 80,000 people take part in this every single year. >> good >> the pens finished out a very tough series with the iowa senators. it was 4-3. >> how was it? >> i was coo
explosion earlier this month in west virginia. the president and vice president will be there and join the president and first lady at a public service at 3:30 this afternoon. >> remember that massive oil explosion, now, we are hearing that oil may be leaking into the water. this is just off in the gulf of mexico. we are hearing 1,000 barrels a day leaking. that's about 42000 gals. a rig exploded last tuesday night. the leak is 5,000 feet below the surface. the search for the 11 missing rig workers was suspended friday and this location, about 50 miles southeast of ven nis, louisiana. >>> some potentially embarrassing e-mails have surfaced from goldman sachs. they show goldman executives bragging about making huge sums of money. one e-mail, goldman's ceo touted the company's profit from betting against the us market, those betts, called shorts, are at the heart of the lawsuit. >>> the deadly storm that swept across mississippi and alabama, ten people in two mississippi counties are confirmed dpred one of the most powerful tornadoes to ever hit this region. the tornadoes equalling those
grader? well, it would and that's what's happening in the state of virginia, required by law. they have to put together a gun safety curriculum for public elementary schools and that is incorporates guidelines from the n.r.a. themselves. >> i can imagine that some parents are not too keen on, although some parents might really like the idea, but some parents, i'm sure are up in arms. >> get it? >> about it. >> that was a good one. >> some are arguing-- >> you stole that from the prompter here. >> some are saying we've seen an increase in violence in the schools and better to have kids equipped for this and protection, others say it's ridiculous, having kids learn about guns in the system. and that adds to the problem having the kids learn about this at an early age. >> they have mcgruff and-- >> they're clear ap the n.r.a., they haven't come up with the curriculum and eddie the eagle, on the web, they teach if you see a gun, stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult. these are in fact good things for your children to learn, so it's not necessarily here is a gun, here is how to sh
miners that died in the mine explosion earlier this month in west virginia. the president, along with the vice president, joe biden, going to attend a public service to remember the dead at 3:30. a controversy over that tough immigration law, still pretty intense out there. a couple hundred people rallied saturday, expect to see more protests in the coming days and weeks. like we say, as always, time to hand it over to candy crowley and "state of the union" for starts right now. >>> in election years, april can sound a lot like november. it sure did this week as the senate moved toward a test vote on financial industry reform, democrats through a changeup, signaling that climate change, scheduled to be next would be set aside for immigration reform. pictures like these testify to the power of the issue. protesters took to the streets in arizona when republican governor, jan brewer, signed a measure that requires police officers to question anyone suspected to be an illegal immigrant. more demonstrations are scheduled for this afternoon. brewer in a tough primary race says washing
to be at a memorial service at some time so for the people that died in virginia from the mine explosion. what are we learning about that? >> he is going to west virginia to celebrate the 29 lives that were lost. here he'll meet privately with family members and deliver the eulogy. he will not dwell on the poor state of mine safety in the country. he believes the disaster was a failure of management. he said also it was a failure, quote, of oversight and laws written with loopholes they allowed unsafe conditions to continue. president ordered inspectors to check out other mines with poor safety records and review how the health and safety administration operates. >>> thank you so much. >> a whole lot of attention on e-mails by a senate committee investigating the financial meltdown. top executives at goldman sacks claim their firnlt made money from the housing collapse. that they profit, at least for a time, from betting those packaged bundles would lose value. the ceo saying in one e-mail dated from november, 2007. of course we lost money, but then we made more than we lost because of shorts. shorts
am a virginia slim gal. when i am smoking my slim ladies i used to say, you have come a long way, baby. now i am at home saying, oh my god. what if somebody sees me. it is because it is the law and because i am dressed like billy jean king. that's not something i do at work. >> did you ever smoke cigarettes? >> yeah. >> and you no longer smoke now? >> yeah, and you go through the phase where you want everybody to do what you are doing. i don't think it is a good idea to tell everybody what to do and then you will be scrutinized. they say you should change and then let's make our punch list for you. >> you are right. if my smoking irritates her and when i am not even around her i can say her appearance irritates me. >> and you know her curl iron causes a lot of smoke. this is very hipocritical, greg. she has to light those up once a time a work. >>> from tobacco to tremors, when it comes to earthquakes, women are at fault. did you get that? it was terrible and worthless. that's according to a senior iranian cleric who says those who wary veiling clothing and behave per miss skew u
is coming up through the central part of virginia. it is warm, humid, summer-like. north of the front, temperatures are cool -- it is in the 40's and 50's. where this front sets up this afternoon will be the key to the severe weather. if the front goes north of baltimore, we're going to wind up with a good chance for strong thunderstorms. if the front stays south of baltimore, probably not. it is a very difficult call as to where that front will line up. temperature-wise it makes a difference, as well. south of the front, it is going to be in the 70's and 80's. right now it is in the 60's south of that front and in the 40's north of the front. it will be difficult to determine where we end up temperature-wise today. 47 in parkton. 50 degrees at the airport. 54 in stevensville. the forecast for today, showers this morning, maybe thunderstorms this afternoon. some of those could be strong, especially soufingt of -- south ever baltimore. the high temperatures, low to mid 60's and low to mid 70's south. low temperatures will drop back into the 50's. seven-day forecast, same thing tomorrow
of 80%. that is a quote from a democrat of virginia. here is a comment by twitter. the president has been talking about this in his weekly radio address yesterday and on thursday at cooper union. >> there is a legitimate debate taking place about have to ensure that taxpayers are best held harmless during a crisis. that is legitimate. but what i do not support it is that somehow the future legislation proposed will encourage future bailouts. that makes for good sound bite, but it is not factually accurate, not true. host: we will hear more from the president this week as he travels on both tuesday and wednesday. bob joins us from sherman oaks, california caller: hi, this will take a minute. one of the things we tend to do in this country is deal with the derivatives. actually, one of the derivatives that caused economic distress is oil futures, and commodity futures. it is amazing how whether it is war, the crisis that did not quite collapsed economy -- we do not seem to remember what happened to it and what is going on again. [call breaking up] host: i'm sorry to lose you, bob. this
missing interest the blast. they are presumed dead. >>> president obama will travel to west virginia today to pay tribute to the 29 minors killed after an explosion at the upper big branch mine earlier this month. with a good sunday morning to you, what's in store for the rez today? >> reporter: well, good morning, alex. that's right. in a few hours he leaves north carolina for beckley, west virginia, taking part in this service. we know that when the president gets there he and vice president biden will meet privately with the miners' families before the certifica service begins at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. both the president and vice president are expected to speak there. now we know that the white house has called for a full investigation into the incident at the upper big branch mine. it's the worst mining disaster in u.s. mining in about four decades and we expect the president to touch on the issue of mine safety in his eulogy. let me review a few lines. we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. they are with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in ano
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